After running a small business in Marketing for over 3 years and working full-time in different Marketing roles, Jade has now decided to take her small business all the way, with a detailed focus on services that truly matter, full time.

Working with businesses of all sizes/industries and in different stages of growth, has helped Jade discover how valuable it is for a client to understand and learn, hands-on, how best to market their business across different channels of marketing, with the right strategy in place.

Jade has found that for many businesses, budgets can be tight, time to market themselves can be non-existent, agency fees can be incredibly expensive and understanding PPC can be extremely confusing and time consuming, often leading to little ROI and frustration.

Jade understands all of these concerns and more, which is why she works to spend more time with you (every step of the way) in order to understand every aspect and goal of your business before implementing a custom approach/training that is right for you, as well as one that you will understand and be able to implement yourself, if you so choose.

So why the Rebrand to Humble Bee Marketing?

Well that choice was simple...

See, when I first opened my business, I knew immediately that I wanted to help businesses rather than extort my prices, and not much has changed. The ability to help someone understand different methods of marketing through a custom approach has become extremely important in a ever changing digital world.

With a Degree in Communications and Media, specialising in Digital Marketing, I have quickly evolved in a wide range of other skills, becoming, Google Ads Search/Display certified, Google analytic certified, Hubspot partner certified, Inbound certified and MORE. “

My aim you ask?

With over 5 years experience in Marketing now, I have come to understand business structures and ways to manage marketing channels successfully, in order to generate high volumes of targeted traffic and lead generation for an array of businesses, and now I want to share that knowledge with you.

It is all about working together to help you understand different marketing channels and how your business is performing compared to other businesses in your industry, whilst driving traffic and genuine leads.

And hey who doesn’t want to learn new skills along the way!

With an honest approach, I can immediately identify what is and isn’t working, whilst providing you with the best plan of attack/training moving forward.

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