So you want to start advertising on Google?

Humble Bee Marketing has worked on countless accounts both large and small scale and knows how to drive results while ensuring that you are kept up to date with what is happening with your account weekly.

While social media is great for advertising, some businesses benefit from the art of google ads as a way to generate revenue. In fact, the majority of businesses we have worked with rely heavily on Google Ads as their main source of traffic and income stream!

Google Ads can be extremely timely, and if done incorrectly or without experienced maintenance to drive results, can result in significant Google Ad spend and little ROI.

So what makes Humble Bee Marketing experts?

You can sit back and relax knowing that Humble Bee Marketing has worked on a range of businesses, from small, large, local and international. Humble Bee Marketing even spends one day a week to ensure that they are delivering excellent standards, and training internally to meet consistent changes that Google may roll out.

We ensure that we are certified and on the top of our game within the industry, to deliver you a service like no other.

What can I expect with Google Ads Maintenance?

You can expect a very open and transparent approach from the word ‘GO!’

Humble Bee Marketing takes the time to sit with you and understand the best way for you to voice your brand, market your products and drive leads/revenue through Google.

From here, we duplicate the structure of your website as a backbone to your Google Ads account, we then search for relevant keywords, use SEO keywords, write Ad copy we know Google will love and ensure that your tracking codes and Google Analytics are set up to collect all the great data we will be achieving!

After the set up of Google Ads/Analytics, we spend an average of 20mins-1hr (depending on the size of the account) per day, reading data, negative key-wording and optimising for results. At the end of each week we provide you with any changes that may of occurred, good/bad so that you are forever in the loop!

At the end of the month, reports are generated and we have a 1hr session with you to answer any questions and explain how your advertising is going!

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