Let’s turn you into a Google Ads BOSS. 

Google Ads is one of the best tools for lead generation. If your campaigns are set up properly, it has the potential to send extremely targeted leads to your website.

Humble Bee Marketing understands that the only way to learn Google Ads is hands on , which is why each session with us is catered and customised for you. 

How does training work with Humble Bee Marketing? 

Our sessions are catered and customised based on what you need or want to know, whilst training you at a time that best suits  you.


Sessions can be chosen and booked in by you via email, at a time and duration that is most convenient for you (psst, we even do after hours!)


Email Humble Bee Marketing to discuss a time/ duration that is best for you, and we can aim to see you at your Sydney location then!

working straight from a google ads account

In these sessions we work straight from your business Google Ads (GA) Account or a dummy account with you.

We take you from the correct set up, all the way through to daily maintenance of a GA account (with our very own tips and tricks along the way!)

session notes targeting your pain points

After each session we supply you with detailed notes that are customised to what you learnt in the session, and any pain points you might be experiencing so that you can look back over them in the future (if needed!) 

Humble Bee Marketing also invites you to a private group chat via Whatsapp, that is private just to you, this gives you the ability to ask questions any time, both between sessions and in the future! 

Ready to become a Google BOSS with Humble Bee Marketing, Contact us now! 

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