Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become one of the most powerful marketing tools to promote your business online and is used to generate more business and greater brand awareness, if done right.

At Humble Bee Marketing, we know that no two businesses are the same, which is why every approach we take is different. In our experience, some clients would like to learn how to do the basics of their own marketing, or figure out the best marketing strategy, whereas other businesses may not have the time and choose to outsource the marketing.

Either way, Humble Bee Marketing can provide SMM training, management or both for YOU.

Working together we can enhance your brands, subscribers, followers, engagement and leads.

Social Media Marketing Training

Humble Bee Marketing starts by understanding what you would like to learn and which platform/platforms will give you results, next we build a marketing strategy best suited for your businesses needs as well as your capabilities. Then teach you how to implement it, yourself!

How often and for how long you would like training is purely based on you! We can train face-to-face or via zoom, with all materials provided after each session.

What you can expect to learn:

⭐️Understanding how social media works in relation to marketing your business

⭐️Reading and understanding key insights about your audience

⭐️Tips and tricks for creating large volumes of traffic with a greater lead potential

⭐️Building a genuine audience that engages

⭐️Business account, DO’s and DON’T

⭐️Learn what your audience wants to see

⭐️Setting up Social Media Ads accounts

⭐️and MORE.

Social Media Management

Humble Bee Marketing offers to help build your businesses brand on a daily basis as an extension of your business, offering strategy services and full management of social media networks, in order to integrate your brands image cohesively whilst maintaining engagement rates and generating leads.

What is included?

⭐️Content creation and implementation (depending on budgets and content needs)

⭐️Social Media Ad creation and implementation

⭐️Social Media Engagement

⭐️Social Media strategy optimisation

⭐️Creation of free tools for marketing use

⭐️Industry research and competitive analysis

⭐️Management of reviews

Social Media Ads

Humble Bee Marketing offers the implementation, creation, set up and management of social ads for your business with a strong focus on lead generation, audience engagement and website traffic.

What is included?

⭐️ Social Media Ad creation with correct formatting for each platform and device

⭐️Implementation straight onto your chosen platform

⭐️Target audience specific to your current social media insights and who you would like to target

⭐️Maintenance of the Ads account, should multiple Ads be running

⭐️Key reports and data delivered to you at the end of the Ad cycle

⭐️Ad copy writing

Let’s get started: