Let’s make you a Social Media BOSS!

Humble Bee Marketing has worked on countless social media accounts both large and small scale and knows how to drive results and engagement while ensuring that the marketing strategy, implementation and insights are explained in a way for you to understand at every step of the way!

With extensive online courses that are often confusing, impractical and a waste of time and money, Humble Bee Marketing understands that the only way to learn Social Media is hands on, which is why sessions are catered and customised to what you need/want to know, whilst training at a time best suited for you.

So where do we do our training?

All of our 1:1 training sessions take place on either Zoom or face-to-face (location based) with the owner, Jade. Sessions can be chosen and booked in by you, at a time and duration that is most convenient for you (Pst. Jade can even work out of hours if needed!)

What can I expect during our sessions?

Firstly, Humble Bee Marketing will sit with you to understand your needs, your business and your current marketing strategy. From here, we will create a custom social media approach to target your focus market in order to drive results and engagement whilst keeping in mind your businesses needs as well as your capabilities.

In these sessions we can work straight from your businesses current Social Media accounts or set one up together (if you don’t currently have one), we will then talk through the marketing strategy and show you how best to implement it yourself, whilst sharing our industry tips and tricks with you.

Each session will take place 1:1 via zoom or in person (location based). After each session, detailed notes, will be sent to you reiterating everything you have learned during the session, for you to look back over in the future, if needed!

Let’s get started: